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An island lies far out to sea, isolated from the world by storms, where magic and wonder flourish. Towers float in the sky, cuttlefish fly, and unfamiliar species roam.

This worldbuilding project is envisioned as a ten-part series of animated scenes accompanied by visual development, storyboards, and writing. The project is an exercise in learning new software, techniques, music composition, and storytelling.

Part I ✷ Transforming Trinket

Altyora's university takes in people of all ages to learn, study, and master magic; one such student is learning a new spell.


A curious student who learns against the grain, Argent is a well-meaning kid who loves to experiment and find new ways to do magic. Transfiguration is their
latest venture.

Her cleverness and aptitude for magic puts Marin at the top of her class in Altyora's magical university. She's particularly fond of studying sea life and conserving
nature's wonders.


Character Color Exploration

BG Compositing Process

Animation Process

Part II ✷ Academic Aquariums

Coming soon!

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