The fishermen of South China's Li River are known for their traditional method of fishing with cormorant birds. 


Spirit of the Li River follows the story of a female fisherman trying to prove that she can conquer the spirit that inhabits her waters. The story is envisioned as a Stop Motion Animated Film, with a heavy emphasis on texture and textiles.

Lei modeled in clay


Lei's personality had to be clearly defined, while at the same time keeping the limitation of stop motion animation in mind. 

With no limitations, her puppet would have hand crafted fabric, bespoke foot tie-downs, and a  facial replacement rig.


Props and set pieces she interacts with would be similarly rigged: 

nets, baskets, her raft, lanterns, etc. would have armatures in place for any type of movement required.

Even her clothes would be lined with thin armature wire to achieve appropriate follow through animation.

Facial development based off of South Chinese women, and facial extreme demonstration 

Development for the Spirit's

posing and internal structure 

Quincy Baltes | Visual Development Artist

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